Our Social Responsibility

At IAW, Social Responsability isn’t just a goal for the future, but a model embedded in our culture.

IAW Supports Students and Educational Institutions

Originally conceived as a social project, IAW continues being true to its values by supporting students and educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, providing the necessary modern technologies for a quality learning process.

IAW is the sponsor and organizer of various contests and competitions to support young talents.

IAW builds Tech Labs

A microcomputer Training System with an industrial interface was successfully introduced into the learning process at the Technical University of Moldova, which allows learning of fundamentals of digital technology by using graphical programming methods. Structuring of microcontrollers and processors, changing components of integrated development environments. Programming in Assembler, C, and measuring of analog values.

Another laboratory for the image processing is located directly in the laboratory room of IAW and is now using in training mode. Such laboratory devices are innovative and allow students to continue their research at a level corresponding to the European standard.

We commit to equal treatment of men and women as well as to supporting socially disadvantaged members of society.

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