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About us

IAW Internationale Akamdemie is an international academy for education and training based in Germany, Baden-Württemberg

IAW offers a unique opportunity for IT students and recent graduates to do an internship in German companies. The trainees are working on practice-oriented projects and activities. Throughout the year, young specialists work on a par with German professionals. IAW has a broad network of trustworthy contacts in the German business environment, which provides a large selection of internships and year-round sending interns.

For candidates

Benefits of applying for the programme

Free accommodation

You will live in a fully equipped house. 

Receive monthly scholarship

Paid medical insurance, paid holidays, transport costs restitution, scholarship 850-1000 EUR, are waiting for you.

Work in Germany

Gain a unique experience by fully immersing in the work environment of an international IT company.

Travel & Visa money back

We reimburse your expenses on travel and visa.

Get a full-time job

After the successful completion of the internship, trainees get a high-paid job in their home country and continue cooperation with the company.

Travel all over Europe

Do you like discovering new places? Travel all over Europe due to the developed German infrastructure, paid holidays, and a monthly scholarship.

You’ll be in a good company

Candidate profile

The background
of the potential trainee

How it works

Step by step instructions on the application process

Complete the application form

In this form you will have to upload your CV, grades or graduation diploma and complete with other relevant information.

Pass 1st interview with IAW

An IAW consultant will contact you to set an interview, in which you’ll tell us more about yourself.

Pass IAW's technical test

After the interview, we’ll organize a technical test in which you should show how talented and smart you are.

Company selection

If you passed the previous 3 steps, we will pick a company that best suits with your skills and preferences.


Success stories

Start your IT Career with us


Yes, because the IAW’s internship programme is supported by the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry (The Danube Region Strategy), the German Chamber of Commerce, and part of the costs are covered by the company where the internship takes place.

Since we are located in the Federal State Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart, Brigachtal, Freiburg, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Korntal), we cooperate only with IT companies from this region. 

Yes. The internship usually lasts 12 months. If the intern has learned the new technologies faster and has gained independence in the processing of tasks, then the duration of the internship can be shortened.

Usually 2-4 weeks. This depends on how fast the IT companies that received your application analyze it and take a decision. 

We don’t have deadlines, since we approach each candidate individually.

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